Web Content Producing

As a web content producer, you sometimes have to tell a story in different manners. I try to make a print story more  appealing to the viewer/user. These are just a few examples from WJTV.

Council Member Stokes calls Rankin County undersheriff ‘hoghead lying bastard’

4 Things you should know about the upcoming Jackson water outage

Man plays taps in honor of service members killed in plane crash

Crime spree in Jackson possibly linked to 1 man

5 people shot, killed in Jackson in 1 weekend

Back in graduate school, our professors would make us enterprise ideas to find a different angle to tell a story. Sometimes, I like to go back and read some of those pieces just to see how far I’ve come in my journalistic work. These are a few that I like to go back and reflect on from time to time.

Homosexuals, same-sex marriage becomes more accepted, survey says

The concept of ‘adult’ is being redefined in this poor economy

Something old, something new: Food trucks for weddings