I am a journalist who is obsessed with all forms of media. Whether it be editing video for broadcast, consuming news through social media, or writing for print or online publications, I  love it all.

I don’t think I’ve ever considered doing anything else with my life. If you don’t believe me just ask my mom. My childhood dreams were to work in news. 📺

I was fascinated by journalism even at 4 years old.  Morning routines of getting ready for school included news. My mom and I would sit in the den and watch Action News 5 in Memphis as she combed my hair.

When my brother came along I can  remember days when I would pretend to be an anchor and make him be my cameraman with whatever toys we had. (That is what big sisters do right?)

Thank God those days are over. 😂

I now live in the metro Atlanta area and I get to live out my childhood dream of being a journalist every day. I am a Digital Content Producer for 11Alive. It’s my job to to write stories and produce content for our online platforms. There are also no limits at my station – which is a good thing! We are encouraged to pitch stories, be a part of the creative process, and be innovative by thinking outside of the box.

I received my first Southeast Emmy nomination at 11Alive in 2020 for team coverage of Super Bowl LIII.

Before moving to Atlanta, I spent a few years at WJTV 12 in Jackson, Miss. I learned so much by being  a Web Content Producer — and please don’t let this title fool you.

A normal day did consist of writing stories and posting content to our social media pages. However, there were times I had to fill in and produce shows, or go out in the field on breaking news because there was no one else available!


I wouldn’t have been able to do any of those tasks if it hadn’t been for my first job at WHLT 22 in Hattiesburg, Miss. They hired me fresh out of graduate school to anchor and report. It was a small satellite station, but I learned how to hustle.

I received my Master’s degree in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

As a native of the Volunteer state, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Tenn. I double majored in Journalism and Electronic Media and Spanish. ( Necesito practicarlo más.)

I love this business because I can use my job as a platform for learning something new every day. It’s also a way to stay plugged in with the community. Even though each day is a mystery, I wouldn’t choose any other profession.

“A reporter is always concerned with tomorrow.” – Edward R. Murrow.